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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bona Paputungan 'Gayus Tambunan' Offered To Become Star Ads

JAKARTA - Increase one more ordinary people who suddenly famous after uploading videos on Youtube. He is Bona Paputungan that becomes famous because singing a song "Andai Aku jadi Gayus Tambunan". Now he offered to become a star advertisement.

"Yesterday there was a bid to be a star advertisement. But yet I take," said Bona numbers encountered in Menteng, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (01/18/2011).

In addition to starring in ads bid, the man who was born March 16, 1978 it also entered the music industry has been offered a professional. In fact, the song If I'm So Gaius would be a ring back tone (RBT).

"Yesterday the producer Zigas and Tombs had offered the song to be used as RBT. But it all still I have discussed with people in Gorontalo. If they offer me to take, will likely re-recorded. But I do not want that to that song arrangements changed. Because although recorded in a simple way, many people who like it. So if much changed, I do not want to re-record the song, "he said.

There have been many job offers coming, but not yet steady Bona will pursue a career as a musician in Jakarta. "That is not me thinking," he said.

Although not yet sure of a career in Jakarta, the father of three children was sure would still work. "In the future I will still work. If it's a lot that I want to perform and I am allowed to come up with songs of criticism, I will continue working," he said. (Ang)

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