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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sexy Shireen Sungkar Birthday

This article was taken from C & R / OMG. I share this information through this sexy artist blogs, one things you will not find in this article is you will never find the pictures of shireen sungkar naked, shireen sungkar sexy, or maybe shireen sungkar porn movie. This article is 100% pure just a little story about her birth day.
Getting surprise party at a birthday to-19 years, Shireen Sungkar admitted absolutely no thought about the problem. Although carried out on the set, but the lover was Teuku Vishnu did not expect if a surprise party will be given back to him this year. Unlike years ago, Shireen have guessed if he will get a surprise party on the set.

But this year, Sexy Shireen Sungkar did not imagine when it would return a surprise party held for him. The reason, according to Shireen since the day everyone who was on the set of very ordinary when compared to last year.

"It's good, if memory does not recall if he remembered me angry. But yes, happy and even though already many times on the set, rich dah office routines. Mama came to say happy birthday, which is important, really, she prayed.'s Good, but not rich Last year, they already know going in today act if there rich flat this afternoon I'm back at 12 am.'d want to go to sister's house. Apparently, there are still many sceene so here. Apparently, the mama and make Vishnu Surprise, "he said on the Road Kakas No. 7 Jagakarsa, South Jakarta, Thursday (27/1/2011) early days.

So if the rewards will be given Shireen from the lover? With a smile, Shireen said that if the prize of the most interesting part of Teuku Wisanu is a cat. Shireen prefer a cat if given instead of flowers. For the members of 'The Sister' this cat better than flowers. "Yeah, because I prefer cats. After all I've asked him (Vishnu) to give a cat instead of flowers," he said with a glance at her lover.
Thats all about the story of Shireen sungkar sexy birthday,.. lets wish her happy birthday

Shireen Happiness also increases when the mother also enliven th anniversary of 19 years. Fanny Bauty looks bring a birthday cake to the child. According to Fanny, her back to remember a time when birth Shireen exactly at 00.00 pm.