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Friday, October 23, 2009

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sandra Dewi Sexy Photos

Sandra Dewi
She is so beautiful...
I dream about her...
I search about her photos with internet helps, than I found a few nice photos here...
Jut look.. she is so beautiful isn't it?
These are her another photos that I got it from searching on internet

So prety
So sweet
So sexy
So beautiful
So what :D :D :D
These are her last photos that I found on Internet

I just found that 4 photos while I search it on internet, I did not find  Foto Bugil Sandra Dewi, Foto Telanjang Sandra Dewi, Sandra Dewi Bugil, Sandra Dewi Telanjang, or other pictures/photos that related to Sandra Dewi Naked.
I love you Sandra Dewi...She do not need my Diktat Kuliah Manajemen and I also think she do not need to study Distance Learning Indonesia   to become so beautiful like this...

Monday, October 19, 2009

About Dewi Persik (Hot, Sexy, Naughty Artist)

Talk about Dewi Persik, I think she is quite sexy. Dewi Persik known as Dangdut Singer in Indonesia, she has an erotic dance that show her sexy body.
Last day, my friends ask me "I heard some gossip, is that true that Dewi Persik Telanjang ? I am not sure about it... but I just want to know the truth about this gossip is Dewi Persik Bugil?" I told to my friend "I am not hear about that gossip yet, but I am really sure that teh gossip about Dewi Persik Telanjang, Dewi Persik Bugil, Dewi Persik Seksi, and Foto Bugil Dewi Persik it is just cheap gossip.
As you know, the computer technology could edit other photo that not belongs to us than just look like belongs to us. Talk about Dewi Persik, Dewi Persik Telanjang, Dewi Persik Bugil, Dewi Persik Seksi, or Foto Bugil Dewi Persik, it could be her photo that edited by somebody that not have responsibility. So the face is Dewi Persik but the naked body is belongs to other women.

The latest news about Dewi Persik that I heard from television is not about Dewi Persik Telanjang or Dewi Persik Bugil or Foto Bugil Dewi Persik, but the latest news are she had a problems with her husband Aldi. She wants to end their marital status, then become a widow.
Dewi Persik is just Dewi Persik, she is not Miyabi, she is not Maria Ozawa. We knows that Miyabi is hot artist from Japan and often become starring porn movie likes Miyabi Telanjang, Video Miyabi, Film Miyabi, Miyabi Bugil, Foto Miyabi, and others porn movies about Miyabi.
My article is not talk about Diktat Kuliah Manajemen or talk about Distance Learning Indonesia, I just talk the truth of information that I receive from my friend about Dewi Persik, is that true about the informations about Dewi Persik Bugil, Dewi Persik Telanjang, Foto Dewi Persik, or Foto Bugil Dewi Persik ?
Once again I told you that is not true! that is just cheap gossip. Good luck Dewi Persik!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Manohara Odelia Pinot

Manohara Odelia Pinot is modeling the birth youth Jakarta, 28 Februari 1992. Born from a mother descendant of nob Bugis, Daisy Fajarina and her father are from French, Reiner Pinot Noack, it is not strange if Manohara, its nickname, inherit the beautiful body form and face.
Some few days ago do, me and my friends discuse concerning manohara. Is correctness in internet there are naked photo Manohara?
I very vexed what is the information correctness, so that I even also look for the information in internet
I am looking information about manohara photo in category Manohara Telanjang, Foto Manohara Telanjang, Manohara Bugil, Foto Seksi Manohara, Manohara Odelia Pinot, Sex Manohara.
The results are, I did not find it. That means the information about Manohara Naked Photo, Manohara Telanjang, Manohara Bugil, Manohara Sex, is not true.
That is only a cheap gossip. I think Manohara Odelia Pinot is a nice girl, Manohara is sexy girl and Manohara has a beautiful face and she also has a beautiful body, she so sexy.

Miyabi Hot Artist From Japan

What do you know about Miyabi?
Have you heard her name before?
Some of my friends ask me, who is Miyabi Maria Ozawa
I told to my friend, you do not know about Miyabi? Hmmm maybe you should browse the internet, type the keyword Miyabi on the search engine.
My friend get his laptop than connect to internet. He type a few keywords about Miyabi likes: Miyabi, Miyabi Maria Ozawa, Miyabi Bugil, Miyabi Telanjang, Miyabi Sex, Miyabi Naked, Foto Miyabi, Foto Miyabi Telanjang, Foto Hot,Bugil.
Then he found these a few photos from the internet as results for the search engine about the keywords Miyabi likes: Miyabi, Miyabi Maria Ozawa, Miyabi Bugil, Miyabi Telanjang, Miyabi Sex, Miyabi Naked, Foto Miyabi, Foto Miyabi Telanjang, Foto Hot,Bugil.

Miyabi famous as film artist porno, Miyabi have the beautiful face, sexy body and often play a part in the sex film.
My Friends than ask me again how we can find more photos about Miyabi, Miyabi Maria Ozawa, Miyabi Naked, Miyabi Telanjang, Miyabi Bugil, Miyabi Porno, Foto Miyabi Telanjang?
I just say I dont know how to find it. But maybe if we search it with search engine on Internet we will find what we are looking for.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Blogging is Fun

Hi, how are you? hopefully fine...
this is the first time I write an article and posted to my blog
I know blog from my friend, he has a few nice blog likes:
Distance Learning Business and Management in Indonesia
Distance Learning Management