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Friday, June 25, 2010

Discussing Ariel Peterpan, Luna Maya and Cut Tari Sex Video's

Recently all of the entertainment show on television (known as infotainment) in Indonesia reports a shock news from these three famous artist in Indonesia. They are:

Ariel Peterpan (vocalist group band Peterpan)

Luna Maya (Presenter and Local Artist)

Cut Tari (Presenter and Local artist)

That shock news are about their love scandals especially about their sex videos.
I can not say that those in the videos are Ariel, Luna Maya and Cut Tari, because till now Indonesia Police Force still do some investigation about this case. The newest information that I known from television media is, now Ariel Peterpan get status as suspect and will be in jail at least for 12 years...
How about Luna Maya and Cut Tari? are they will also get in jail too? I can not figure it, but it has strong probability if Ariel get in prison, Luna Maya and Cut Tari will get in there too.
The questions are, why they could be so stupid record they sex activities on camera? If they think that is their own collection, they are wrong absolutely wrong. In Indonesia we have some rules that we are forbidden to makes, distribution or publish porn materials. A few past days ago, a lot of peoples searching and trying to download sex video Ariel Peterpan and Luna Maya or download Ariel Peterpan and Cut Tari.
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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Alyssa Alano Sexy and Hot Pictures

These pictures below are the pictures of Alyssa Alano. Alyssa Alano is one of sexy and hot girl in the world. A lot of her pictures are shown about her sexy and hot body and also about her pretty face... Event in some shows she is take a picture not just a sexy picture but there is a naked pictures! Naked pictures of Alyssa Alano, can you imagine it.

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Miss Indonesia 2010

Indonesia not just a beautiful country, Indonesia also have a lot of beautiful and sexy woman. Not just beautiful and sexy, but also smart and have a good acknowledgment. These picture below shows you the proof about Indonesia woman. These beautiful woman is follow the contest that known as Miss Indonesia, and the event now is known as Miss Indonesia 2010.

So Beautiful and so pretty isn't it?
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Andi Soraya Hot Picture

Andi Soraya is one of controversial girl in Indonesia. I think she has a beautiful face, hot and sexy body. Andy Soraya is also known as women that often falling in love with man that younger than she's ages. Andy Soraya likes been photograph by a professional photographer. Andy Soraya often being photos on sexy dress, likes wearing bikinis and others sexy and hot suit. These picture below shows you a few pictures of Andy Soraya and I think these picture are sexy enough. Have fun with it!

Andy Soraya Sexy and Hot Picture number one.. Wow Andy Soraya smiles is really awesome
Andy Soraya Sexy and Hot Picture number two.. Can you imagine about her skins? It's so gently
Andy Soraya Sexy and Hot Picture number three, event in serious condition she still looks beautiful
Andy Soraya Sexy and Hot Picture number four
Andy Soraya Sexy and Hot Picture number five

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