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Monday, August 2, 2010

Keong Racun Sinta and Jojo on Youtube

Nowadays I am gonna discuss topic about "Keong Racun". The Indonesian song "Keong Racun" is the most talked about topic on Twitter on the morning of July 29, a lot of people dscussing about "Keong Racun" and no longger discuss about sex video Ariel Peterpan and Luna Maya, sex video Ariel Peterpan and Cut Tari, I think that is because people has bored discussing about ariel peterpan sex videos.

A lot of Twitter users are going crazy over a YouTube video of two teenage girls (that two girls name is of Sinta and Jojo) lip syncing to "Keong Racun." song.

Keong Racun song is now becomes famous, a lot of people now feel happy to listening about Keong Racun... Below is the lyrics of "Keong Racun" song:

Dasar kau keong racun
Baru kenal eh ngajak tidur
Ngomong nggak sopan santun
Kau anggap aku ayam kampung
Kau rayu diriku
Kau goda diriku
Kau colek diriku
Eh ku takut sekali
tanpa basa basi kau ngajak happy happy
Eh kau tak tahu malu
Tanpa basa basi kau ngajak happy happy

Mulut kumat kemot
Matanya melotot
Lihat body semok
Pikiranmu jorok
Mentang-mentang kau kaya
Aku dianggap jablay
Dasar koboy kucai
Ngajak check-in dan santai
Sorry sorry sorry jack
Jangan remehkan aku
Sorry sorry sorry bang
Ku bukan cewek murahan

Back to Reff, *, Reff

Keong Racun is becomes famous in the internet. The memes "#onetimefor," "#don'tcoutonit" and "#predictingkanyetweets" are in second, fourth and sixth places respectively.

"Inception," a recently released science fiction movie staring Leonardo DiCaprio is stuck in the charts in third place.

Twitter users are helping to spread a new trailer for the forthcoming "Thor" film across the internet. The American film is based on the comic book series of the same name and is scheduled to be released in May 2011.

Military-themed video game Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty ("Starcraft") has moved down two places overnight to number seven while the abbreviation for clear ("CLR") is back in the charts in ninth place.

Cricket player Suresh Raina became the 12th Indian to score a Test century on debut. "Raina" is trending in eighth place.

Amazon, maker of Kindle brand of e-readers announced the launch of a new, slimmer and cheaper WiFi-only e-reader and updated its best selling Kindle 2 this morning.

Microbloggers are discussing if the new devices will be enough to entice consumers, saying, "I still rate the Kindle as too expensive for a limited device," while others comment "New Kindle is tempting," and "New Kindle Slims Are Everything iPad Isn't: The new versions seem designed to be what the iPad isn't-very slim, light, easy to hold."

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on July 29 at 9:30 AM GMT are:

1. Keong Racun (new)
2. #onetimefor (new)
3. Inception (unchanged)
4. #dontcountonit (new)
5. Thor (new)
6. #predictingkanyetweets (new)
7. Starcraft (-2)
8. Raina (new)
9. CLR (re-entry)
10. Kindle (new)
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