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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Indonesian Hot Actress: Sarah Azhari, Ayu Azhari and Rahma Azhari Are They Really Naked?

Artist Sarah Azhari (Born: Jakarta, June 16, 1977) was an actress and beautiful model from Indonesia. Her sister, Ayu Azhari, also is an actress.

AFTER some time to move to America to avoid the public rumors about her baby's father, Ray Albany, sexy soap star and a beautiful actress Sarah Azhari is now back in his native Indonesia. The girl who helped support the soap opera Love Tia Maria's, three of them currently living in his house, with her baby and a baby sitter.
[Sarah Azhari - Cool] [Photo Model] [Sarah Azhari - Sweet]

According to his confession to a reporter Disctarra.Com, he often felt lonely at home. If it is so often Sarah opened the Internet to chat with new acquaintances in Europe and also his friends in America. This custom continues to be attached until now and he is very kerajingan once.

"Usually when it's porn I did not serve," said the plump woman born in Jakarta, June 16, 1978 this. If you already chat he could spend about four hours without being interrupted by anyone, just understand that sex is there children who ngasuh.

Sarah himself had once told his friend, if the photographs that look exciting in a Musical, Sarah Azhari. Com.
"At first I got surprised too, but after that I knew it was not me. The photos were only the result of an invention," continued the artist who began his screen debut in the soap opera action through the Sword of Justice.

Sarah had tried to find out who is making its site on the internet. For that he is "mobilizing" friends in America to track down the place. Result, the site itself is located in the country, Uncle Sam. "I believe it was done by the Indonesian people themselves who are now living there," she said again, "The result, so the American people know there are artists whose name is Sarah Azhari. In fact, really dead, I did not know who the maker site it, let alone ask permission first as I am. "

Ayu Azhari Though this brother did not mind, if the person is working together with him. "Why not, if it's a win-win. But it's not, he just wanted to take advantage of my facial photographs have been published in magazines," as he explained with a laugh. (03)

Sarah Azhari and Family

Sarah Azhari SCARCE appearance in infotainment, apparently of willful misconduct. This was revealed when the super-sexy actress is found exclusively in Jakarta on the sidelines of the launch of new buildings milil Soraya Intercine Film in Jakarta. "Indeed I have rarely appeared in the soap opera more than anything else on the show, it was my purpose," he admitted, smiling.
[Ayu Azhari - Jilbab] [Rahma Azhari - Nude] [Rahma Azhari - Sexy Photos]

Looks like the recognition that out because some time ago Sarah continued into the spotlight because the case with a reporter Infotainment not yet complete. Even then, she wanted to talk but not about gossip. When asked gossip or her case, but asked about the Sarahpun avoid activities, she'd answer.

"But if diacara-show guest on television, I often attend and that I really wanted to. But then I had a lot of soap operas because I have just finished with Indro Warkop soap opera," he said, confessing to play in comedy because it fun and can laugh if you watch these soap operas.

Asked why not also play movies, Ayu Azhari sister was admitted to ditawarin movies. But because there was a question of time had not been received. "Because I'm still in school and soon I will finish college. That's why I have not received the movies, despite the offers. I've consistently used the same middle of the road," he explained.

Asked about the busy life, so artists, ngurus children and also was in college, Sarahpun wise answer. "Thank God just a matter of fine-fine until now, although I could for the time my son also had a busy first grade, there is also a tutor. And why I rarely play better soap opera because I often see children because children need guidance and need a good education from school and I as a mother, "he admits.

According to Sarah, her son did not like the environment much less glamorous life of celebrities. Once upon a time asked his son in surprise and will no longer follow-up events that are considered glamorous. "Because my children want guns like that, other than that my child is also the most hated it when I was in gosipin," lid while saying goodbye. [Moses / photo: special]

Artist Rahma Azhari and Anti-Pornography Bill

Rahma Azhari Ayu star looks sumringah when asked whether she feels sexy. "Sexy? Ordinary Ah tuh", he said.

Friday last week, when met in Menteng, Rahma really looks very sexy. Moleknya body clad in long dresses, sleeveless and low chest slit green pandan. Kimono dress that matched the models make up a simple but highlight the beauty of the eyes Rahma who like ping-pong ball.

Rahma's sepundak long hair cut style japanese's style and colored with three colors "gold, copper, and iridescent brown.

"Who says I'm sexy? My baseball feel that way. Yes, if somebody saw me and judge me sexy, he's right. I am still grateful just say sexy", he added.
Rahma feel comfortable when not wearing clothes (aka nude), although day-to-day she chose to wear casual clothes like T-shirts tanktop and jeans.

Do not be afraid comfort Rahma would interfere with law enforcement Anti-Pornography and Porno action (APP)? "I'm afraid baseball draft APP. Enggak want to know and really does care about baseball, what is it like baseball. Let someone else take care of it" he said.

Ayu Azhari artist's younger brother was told, he's the type of person who likes to appear nude. Problem hair now so the three colors, Rahma said, "I want to keep this baseball. Tomorrow, I will ask the color is equated only. Maybe, just light brown, to match my skin is not white," he said.

Penile Erectile IN NORMAL

Penile Erectile IN NORMAL

One way to know the symptoms of erectile dysfunction is by measuring the level of penile erection. Normal penile erection is a condition in which enlarged and hardened penis. How hard erection is rarely noticed. But if the erection disturbed or erectile dysfunction occurs, then the size of the erection becomes very important.

As for the signs of a normal erection, management and hardware are as follows:

   1. When the penis is held or push will be felt hard,
   2. The penis can not be bent because of stiff so it is often called a timber,
   3. When shaken, the penis will be swaying and shaking, then back to its original position.

Circumstances had occurred since a boy was born to old age. At the time of infancy and child, an erection occurs by itself without any deliberate or unconscious by the child itself.

After through puberty erection will generally occur due to sexual stimulation from within or from outside himself. Stimulation of the self occurs because there are thoughts or fantasies about sex and the penis becomes erect. Stimulation from the outside is due to demand sexual stimulant that can be received through the senses and arouse sexual desire.

There are several factors that cause the penis becomes erect. Normally the penis will be enlarged and hardened in certain circumstances, such as erection occurs at night or early morning erections that arise because of the stimulation that is psycho sexual stimulation and physical stimulation, such as when performing masturbation or mutual masturbation, erections during a date with your spouse or when there sexual activity, and the erection while reading or watching.

Various states of the above is a state of normal erectile ranging from infants to adults. After adolescence to adulthood and even old erection penis becomes very important. With a hard erection, every man becomes convinced myself and glad to be himself because he felt normal sexual function. For those who are married, can enjoy coitus with his wife. The wife was also pleased and proud to be a husband. Be a husband and wife are excited, pleased and happy. (NL Tobing)

Porn Star from Japan (Maria Ozawa Miyabi)

Maria Ozawa is a Japanese porn actress who successfully follow in the footsteps seniors, Asia Carera who retired from the world of porn movies. Maria Ozawa is now the most wanted and most popular artist among other porn actresses in Asia.

Miyabi's success in the world 'slime' could not be separated from his desire to be a successful woman. Although in recent interviews he admitted was difficult to pornographic scenes with men who are not in the familiar.

Like, artists and other Japanese porn star, Maria Ozawa in produced by a specialist production house porn films or commonly called AV. Miyabi recent years was in a specialist production house sex violence such as rape and sexual harassment.

Maria Ozawa's pretty face, fusion beauty inherited from the mother of the original Japanese with a father who comes from the French and Canadian descent.

Maria Ozawa tasting at the International School of education that makes interaction becomes widespread and English language skills to be better.

The most favorite hobby is playing hockey, she played hockey every day disekolahnya. Maria Ozawa also enjoys cooking, and playing games Playstasion in his room.

Sex at Age 13

Maria Ozawa Miyabi is often called was born in Hokkaido, Japan on January 8, 1986. With the 1.62 meters height and 48 kg weight makes it look pretty and innocent.

At the age of 13 years, female lover Pink has his first sexual experience. At that time she had sex with her boyfriend first four years older than he. From his personal blog at the age of 19 years unknown, Maria Ozawa has conducted with six men, four of them is the girlfriend.

At that age, Maria Ozawa has mastered the 48 sexual positions that he learned from pornographic magazines he bought his own.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lindsay Lohan Naked Movies

Some days I access the internet and I got the news about Lindsay Lohan nude movies. Lindsay Lohan is a famous actress, Lindsay Lohan is a sexy actress, beautiful actress, I often see Lindsay Lohan sexy photos on the internet. I do not see the news about Lindsay Lohan porn video on the internet, I'm sure if there are porn videos Lindsay Lohan, Lindsay Lohan sex tape, then many people will try to download porn videos Lindsay Lohan, many people will try to download video sex Lindsay Lohan.

News about Lindsay Lohan to be nude in her latest film, is as I am to inform you below:
London: As reported by The Sun, Lindsay Lohan will be jumped into nude in her latest film titled Inferno. In this film, the actress who used to play in this romantic comedy, will play Linda Lovelace, a famous porn star in the 1970s.

Lohan will start shooting after serving a prison sentence imposed for 90 days for violating her probation when he was in a drunk driving prohibition.

"There will be a frontal nude scenes. But this is not a porn film. This is an artistic film about a porn film animals," said film director Inferno, Matt Wilder. The director also hope Lohan can expedite the early release for the film making process.

News about Lindsay Lohan to be nude in her latest film, might not be as busy as news of the video sex Ariel Peterpan and Luna Maya, Video Sex Ariel Peterpan and Cut Tari. Because up to now many people are trying to download video sex Ariel Peterpan and Luna Maya, download video sex Ariel Peterpan and Cut Tari. What a boring story about the sex video Ariel Peterpan Luna Maya and Cut Tari.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sexy and Beautiful Actress Wulan Guritno Profile

Wulan Guritno started his career as presenter in the Italian League Highlight RCTI television station which was then transformed into Lega Calcio. A year later, when the World Cup in 2002 took place, he again believed to host the World Cup-Tainment at RCTI television station obtained the World Cup broadcasting rights in Indonesia.

This profession continues during Euro 2004 he became a presenter on the same television station. Wulan also been doing business in the Indonesian League event in 2007 in Formula 1 Lativi and Highlight Global TV.

In addition to presenters engaged the world, Wulan also be a sitcom actress and feature films. He also starred in the film Gie and Janji Joni. In Gie, he was playing with Nicholas Saputra. Gie (2005) directed by Riri Riza. The film tells the story of Soe Hok Gie, students at the University of Indonesia who is known as an activist and nature lover.

Adaptation of Diary of A Demonstrator by Gie, Wulan role as one of the co-Gie. In the Indonesian Film Festival in 2005 has won three awards, each in the categories of Best Film, Best Actor (Nicholas Saputra), and Best Cinematography Playground (Yudi Datau). Wulan also starred in several films such as Catch Jakarta, Janji Joni, Naga Bonar Two and Auto So Romantic.

Besides films, dozens of soap opera he ever fall in Love Forbidden starring among others, captivated, Love and Two Hearts together. Besides acting, Wulan also been a film director. From his hands, Wulan spawned his first indie film, titled Men Midwives.

Not only that, Wulan also penetrated the political world in 2009. Wulan forward as a candidate for legislative member of the National Mandate Party (PAN). Unfortunately, the mother of one daughter was blocked issue a diploma until the end Wulan chose not to follow the stock back and candidates.

Early Career

Wulan which is the Solo-English hybrid was born in London, April 14, 1980. Since a young age, he began to pursue a career through the world of models. Besides mengahabiskan childhood in Indonesia, at a young age, 13 years Wulan has worked with teenage romance Syach Attila. Wulan had time to sip the schools in the country of origin of one parent, London, in Taliaconti Academy of Theatre Art.

London home following their stay in touch and eventually married a young age. In his teens, this pair get one child, Syaloom Syach Razadee. Their marriage did not last very durable. Attila and Wulan decide to divorce.

Post-divorce with Attila, Wulan had a relationship with the national car racer Ananda Mikola, but their relationship eventually foundered in the middle of the road. Beginning in 2009, Wulan near a director, Lim Dimitri. He acknowledged, along with Lim has steadily stepped up to the gate of marriage. On the day Friday, March 27, 2009, officially removing Wulan widow status.

After his marriage to Lim, Wulan career was getting up, especially in the acting world. He proved successful release of two films after marriage, ie Pain and No Ordinary Love. In the same year, Wulan again present in one of the wide screen film titled King.

Porn Videos

In early marriage, this couple's life had hit problems. Section, a porn video circulated widely on the Internet similar to that he was making out with a man similar to the Ananda Mikola. Wulan and Lim held a press conference to refute the figure was in the video is Wulan. Likewise with Ananda Mikola who also denied the same.

Apart from that problem, Wulan re-focused on the role of art. In late October 2009, Wulan released her latest film whose theme nationalist, Houses Maida with the role of Bertha.

Not enough just to explore acting, Wulan also entered the world of writing. 13 November 2009, he issued his first novel, titled Feel. In the first book of its workmanship assisted her husband, Lim, Wulan also include songs that inspired the work of Anang Hermansyah make this book.

January 2010, precisely on December 28 Wulan back to playing in the latest film, '18 + true loves never dies'. In the film, released in the middle of pregnancy, its role is not easy, because he had to portray characters that should satisfy yourself because her husband did not give the mind and physical needs. Wulan admitted using Monster's Ball as a reference for the role of Retno in her latest film.

Cut Tari Profile

Cut Tari has a full name Cut Tari Aminah Anasya, She was born in Jakarta on November 1, 1977. According to the internet search, I present you Cut Tari profile:

Supporting role played by the owner's full name Cut Tari Aminah Anasya in soap operas World Side-Side, made his name began to blaze in the world of Indonesian entertainment. His character in some soap operas and spicy but interesting comment in mempresenteri an infotainment show to make a name widely known cut Tari.

The actress followed the many skills training since young. He had studied piano and organ, but not forwarded. Instead, she honed her talents in the field of modeling. Indeed, since childhood, the third child of four children are very fond of preening in front of the camera with various poses.

Entering the age of 13 years, women who often are more often addressed Ully photographed and participated in various electoral arena teen model. Gates open in his career when the girls came in as the bloody Aceh Cover Girl winner 1991. From there, for several years, Lilly featured in various magazines as a teen model. The first ad bid Lilly when she was perched on reaching 16 years. Lilly was selected as the star in a teenage beauty products, Youth.

Plunged into drama

Lilly got his first role in the art world when the role of Harry De Fretes agreed invitation to appear as guest stars in the sky tale comedy. Lilly is a soap opera role hereinafter sides of the World (1993). Here, Lilly has a role as a maid. Through this drama, a beautiful face Ully known to the public.

cut Tari on the career list is quite a lot of soap operas. Soap opera starring a graduate of Stamford College in Jakarta include Travel, Jasmine, My prayers hope, Cafe Blue, Lady Luck, flattered and Rosalinda. Most of his role as antagonist and has a grumpy character. cut Tari admitted he sometimes felt saturated with the antagonist role, often dominating and showing someone that is fierce. Even so, remain Cut Tari act antagonist role and character of such evil characters in soap operas he Wailing Children Play Stepfather, So What Gitu Loh, Roda-Roda Cinta, and flattered 6. cut Tari also plays a role in several soap operas such religious Hidayah. Besides a role in a soap opera and become a presenter, cut Tari is often present as a guest star in various events.

cut Tari remains an icon of beauty in his adult life. An adult female cosmetic products, wear it as a star PIXY ad. cut Tari also be advertising stars air conditioning products.

After marriage, do not cut Tari too much to spend time soap opera. As a wife and mother, Lilly claimed to really enjoy the time with family and raising wayang only daughter. But that does not mean he did not appear at all. Occasionally, cut Tari still appeared as guest or host in a variety of events.

After marriage, cut Tari claimed more selectively choose the type of job he has received. cut Tari presence in the entertainment world is marked by a role as a presenter of a show titled infotainment Insert a private television station Trans TV.

Comments are sharp and sexy clothes which she often used when shooting made his name back to fame after a chance to fade. His comments that reason, take the predicate as a presenter at the event conferment Infotainment Panasonic Awards 2009 fall into his hands.


Cut Tari establish romance with John Joseph, Subrata. Both were then married in 2004. From his marriage, cut Tari blessed with a child named Sidney putrid Azkassyah Joseph was born in a Caesarean at a hospital in Jakarta on October 10, 2007.

After getting married, having children and returning presenters incised achievements in the world does not necessarily make a stop and forget the world of cut Tari acting. cut Tari back to the television screen and later starred in several soap operas such as the title of the Rainbow, Love Diamond, Love, Flowers and most Anyar is Hafizah which was released in 2009.

Cut Tari is currently in trouble with her sex video scandal with Ariel Peterpan. I hope this problem quickly completed and the guilty should be responsible for the actions undertaken

Agnes Monica nude photos (similar) on the Internet

Agnes Monica nude photos (similar) spread on the Internet

Lately there's a new rumor, namely the photo-like porn or nude photos sexy actress and singer Agnes Monica. A photo porn or nude photos Agnes Monica (similar) reported widespread on the internet.
Agnes Monica is currently the jury from INDONESIAN IDOL television show, of course denies this.
Crish Roadman of the artist who is sexy Agnes Monica says that the photo was certainly not a Agnes Monica pornographic picture or nude photos Agnes Monica. The photo is the result of work from people who are irresponsible.
News about the artist of Indonesia, Indonesian singer who reportedly have pornographic photos, nude photos on the internet, these days it is often preached. This is not apart from cases of pornographic video Ariel Peterpan and Luna Maya, Ariel Peterpan porn videos and Cut Tari, and video sex Ariel Peterpan and Luna Maya, Ariel Peterpan sex Video with Cut Tari, which has caused many people want to download video sex Ariel Peterpan and Luna Maya, as well as download video sex Ariel Peterpan and Cut Tari
I hope the news about the nude photos Agnes Monica (similar) and pornographic photos Agnes Monica (similiar) this is not true. This means that photos are not the porn photo of Agnes Monica

Friday, July 16, 2010

Profile of Scarlett Johansson

Profile of Scarlett Johansson 

Danish descent actress is also known as the development agency Oxfam Global Ambassador and a cadre of Democrats. She had campaigned for John Kerry in the presidential election in 2004.

Actress Scarlett Johansson only eleven years old when She was nominated for best female lead role of the Independent Spirit Award through her role as Amanda in independent film, Manny & Lo. Three years later, She was charming the audience in The Horse Whisperer. Position on the board of Hollywood movies increasingly strong through the work of Sofia Coppola, Lost in Translation in 2003.

Johansson's acting director managed to attract smart, Woody Allen put it in Match Point, Scoop, and Vicky Cristina Barcelona. Before marrying actor Ryan Reynolds, the world's sexiest female version of Esquire magazine is never dated Josh Hartnett and Jared Leto.

Johansson was born to an architect Karsten Johansson and producer Melanie Sloan on November 22, 1984 in New York City, United States (U.S.). She has a sister who is also an actress, Vanessa, my older brother, Adrian, and twin brother, Hunter. Johansson also has a stepbrother named Christian.

This blonda women interested in the role of the art world since the age of three years. She is premiering on the Broadway stage when she was eight years in a comedy play Sophistry with Ethan Hawke.

In 1994, Johansson plays as one of the supporting characters in the North. Then she got a role in Just Cause (1995) as the daughter of Sean Connery and Kate Capshaw, and in If Lucy Fell (1996).

Page of the New York Times notes that the name Johansson began to glance when playing teenage orphan named Amanda aka Manny in Manny & Lo drama (1996) by Lisa Krueger. Johansson drove his acting became one of the best actress nominees for the category of the Independent Spirit Award.

Although not awarded, the bids started pouring Johansson's acting. In 1998, She returned the audience's attention through the movie The Horse Whisperer. In the film Robert Redford besutan this, this sexy lipped actress plays a princess Kristin Scott Thomas who lost a leg and her best friend in an accident.

Johansson became one of the comic hero in the film adaptation of Ghost World in 2000. In the same year, she starred in American Rhapsody. The film that took the time setting of this 1950s story about a young girl who escaped from communist Hungary to the U.S. government.

Name and his face immediately attracted the attention of Hollywood's elite as the daughter of renowned director Francis Ford Coppola, Sofia. In Lost in Translation (2003), touching the audience with Johansson plays a young girl who underwent a relationship of friendship with an old actor who played Bill Murray.

The role that made him nominated as best actress Academy Award. Johansson's acting strengths are increasingly taken into account. Johansson had a major role in The Girl with the Pearl Earring (2003) and The Perfect Score (2003).

Films made in Michael Bay's big, The Island (2004), starring Johansson failed to capture profits. But at the end of 2004, Johansson reap praise for her performance in the movie Match Point Woody Allen's work.

"I really adore Woody, we have many similarities such as both come from New York and are both Jewish," said Johansson.

After their first collaboration, Allen once again request Johansson acting in the movie Scoop on 2006 comedy-drama. In the same year, Johansson played in The Black Dahlia and started filming the movie The Nanny Diaries.

In 2008, Johansson collided with actress Natalie Portman capability in the history of British film, The Other Boleyn Girl. She also re-worked with Allen in Vicky Cristina Barcelona.

Not content to work in the world cinematography, Johansson began singing swept the world. His first album, Anywhere I Lay My Head was released on May 20, 2008. In this album, Johansson brings ten Tom Waits songs. His second album, Break Up, released in September 2009.

Danish descent actress is also known as the development agency Oxfam Global Ambassador. In addition, Johansson is a cadre of Democrats and had campaigned for John Kerry in the presidential election in 2004.

When George W. Bush re-elected, Johansson admitted very disappointed. "I think most U.S. citizens are also disappointed," She said.

In the 2008 presidential election, Johansson returned to give support to the Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama. In addition, Johansson is also often participate in the eradication of poverty ONE campaign organized U2 frontman, Bono.

Johansson rarely mengumbar personal life to the media. She called once in a relationship with Benicio del Toro, Jared Leto and Josh Hartnett. Dating Johansson and Hartnett to split up because of busyness of each at the end of 2006.

Johansson associated with a Canadian actor, Ryan Reynolds since 2007 and eventually married on Vancouver Island, British Columbia on September 27, 2008.

Pascagempa Haiti, Johansson auctioning herself to collect relief funds. All auction proceeds will be donated via Oxfam's Haiti Earthquake Response Fund.

The man who managed to win the auction at the event, getting the chance to date and watch this sexy artist performing at the Broadway stage in theatrical performances, entitled 'A View From The Bridge' on January 24, 2010 last.

Biography of Mulan Jameela

Biography of Mulan Jameela

Name: Mulan Jameela 
Day of Birth: Augustus, 23, 1979 in Garut West Java of Indonesia
Marital Status: Widow 
Zodiac: Virgo

Mulan Jameela, or formerly known as Mulan Kwok, is one of the popular singer in Indonesia today. Wulansari real name. She's got talent as a singer since childhood. She began his career as a solo artist, Mulan had issued his first solo album entitled Eternal (2000). But the album failed in the market.

Despite failing, Mulan remains vibrant career from stage to stage. She became a singer cafe in Bandung, and joined with a number of bands such as Swara Coustic, Dimensions All Star Band and Bandung.

Its popularity began to climb, and widely known during the selection process was chosen by Queen vocalist duo in early 2005. Mambo Pinkan Mulan replaced recently resigned.

Maia Ahmad in his debut duo album titled marked with Queen Queen & Friends. The album's best seller. Unique character of his voice, and capable of absorbing through a single "Teman Tapi Mesra". Queen duo return with great success. Mulan's name any more flying as a top Indonesian singer. Queen duo album sold more than 400,000 copies, and confirmed the Queen became the most successful female group at that time.

The following year, the duo re-released the album No Queen. One of the popular hits "Lelaki Buaya Darat" and Dear Diary. Like previous albums, this album also successfully sold through 500,000 copies in its first week since release.


The crisis hit duo Ratu. Ahmad Dhani, who was sacked manager Maia's status as the Queen's husband, Vitalia Ramona. Mulan also complained about the unfairness in the division honornya. Because of this reason that made her leave the duo decided that bringing up his name in 2007. As a consequence, She should remove the name of Mulan Kwok attached to him, which is the name of Maia.

Mulan then released a solo album titled Mulan premiere in 2008 at the same time changing his stage name. Take shelter under the new management of the Republic of Love Artist Management (RCMA) belonging to Ahmad Dhani, Mulan album out soon. Singles on the album like "Mahluk Tuhan Paling Seksi", Wonder Woman, Not Afraid and I'm In Love Again again fantastic sales record so rewarded platinum by EMI.

Action unique stage and dressed quickly stole the attention of the masses. Not only singing ability that gets attention, Mulan become fashion icons with a sexy Indian style, and create a growing fan base.

Since the release of first solo album, her name is more famous. Not just music lovers in Indonesia alone who knows the songs. Neighbor countries such as Malaysia, and Singapore are familiar with the vocal Mulan. Mulan is the only Indonesian soloists who was nominated at the MTV Asia Awards 2008 in Genting, Malaysia.

During joining the Management of the Republic of Love, also released the album Mulan collaboration. On the album The Best Of Love Artists Republic Vol. 1, Mulan collaborate with the vocal group brings singles Lani Not the Main Hospital, which was launched in August 2008. In 2009 then, Mulan returned paired with a new artist, Mitha The Virgin to claim single "Cinta Mati" II.

Entering 2010, Mulan was collecting material for his album to date. In between her showbiz activities, She confessed immediately presents a new album.

From the world of singing, this mother of two children, also jumped into the acting world. Film Television (FTV) prime in which She stars, Prima Donna Search for Paradise (2006), and She confessed to finding his own preoccupations. Continue its role in several soap operas and other such FTV Heboh Couple (2007) and The Bodyguard Singer (2007).

To stage the big screen, Mulan co-starred in a comedy titled I'm sorry I knocked your wife along Ringgo Agus Rahman and Shanty (2007). The film was criticized because it assessed could smell that makes SARA title was changed. The role of Mulan in the movie makes debut was entered as a nominated artist Actress / Actor breakthrough in the arena MTV Indonesia Movie Awards 2007.

Success as a singer, and acting, Mulan looking for new busy outside world artistry. She started going to explore the world of business. But because She never had much experience in business, Mulan took her boss at the RCMA, Ahmad Dhani. Both saw a business opportunity is still wide open interior. October 2009, Mulan furniture gallery opened in Kemang, South Jakarta numbers, called HER DESIGN.


Since becoming a celebrity, Mulan love of life are sought. Mulan known to marry at a young age and has two children, Tyarani Savitri and M Rafly Aziz. However, mahligai marriage foundered in the middle of the road. Mulan became a single parent with a career.

In the midst of chaotic household Maia-Dhani, Mulan ketiga.Apalagi Santer reportedly as people escape from the Queen, Mulan Dhani management into making them increasingly tight relationship closeness. Mulan said no firmly confessed, after being widowed she does have a girlfriend, but not from among the musicians. Relationship with his girlfriend, Mulan upon approval by two of his children. Although very busy Mulan hope he can return fostering new households this year.

Luna Maya Official Fired From Dahsyat

Beautiful and sexy actress Luna Maya had to end his career as an emcee at a music event "Dahsyat" on RCTI. This is the impact of the case Videos sex Ariel Peterpan and Luna Maya is a very shocking.

Dahsyat parties have been officially dismissed as a presenter Luna Maya "Dahsyat" after a long-haired woman who has a sexy body and beautiful face was named as a suspect by police, related to the circulation of pornographic videos like himself with Ariel Peterpan.

The news story submitted by Harsiwi Achmad, who has served as Director of Programming and Production RCTI, at home Maroco, Menteng, Central Jakarta (15/07/2010). "Since Luna Maya is a suspect, so he quit Dahsyat," he said.

Recognized Harsiwi, Powerful parties should make further steps. "We of the RCTI decided to dismiss from the event Powerful Luna Maya, because I sure would not be better if he remained in Dahsyat," he asserted.

Further, said that if his party dismiss Harsiwi movie star Queen's Cosmopolitan respectable manner. "We dismiss with respect, because after all we have family and friends. But we must also understand the feelings of the people of Indonesia," said Harsiwi.

This article is taken from sources / news

Manohara Porn Photo (hot news for today)

As I was opening Yahoo, I was surprised by the news Manohara circulation of pornographic photos. After a splashy news about porno video Ariel Peterpan, Luna Maya, and Cut Tari, now many emerging video and photos of porn-like artist. Of course many people who are interested to download video sex porn Indonesian artists. One of the latest news is Manohara Odelia Pinot pornographic photos, which circulated on the internet, the last few days. Manohara emphatically denied the authenticity of the photo.

Manohara clarifying that it is not a porn photo porn photo Manogara. Manohara explained, that in fact the photo was taken from video footage like himself who had circulated on the internet a year ago. At that time, he also has denied the authenticity of the video.

"If journalists can remember, the journalist has ever asked Manohara on a year ago. And it was taken, the video cut made the image, and issued again. So, this is the second time Manohara clarification about the photographs," he said.

Manohara claimed to feel very disturbed by the circulation of this video. This is because, since then he grew into the spotlight.

"Disturbed, really. So busy themselves because many are asked. Journalists many who ask about the truth of the news Manohara Manohara pornographic images. The news about this Manohara porn pictures causes a lot of people curious to download pornographic images Manohara, not just trying to download video sex Ariel Peterpan, Luna Maya and Cut Tari, but also tried to download photos Porno Manohara.
Would you believe about these Manohara Porn Photos?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Download Video Sex Ariel Peterpan and Luna Maya and Cut Tari

Download Video Sex Ariel Peterpan and Luna Maya and Cut Tari

This sentence became very famous in the world of the Internet. When I wrote it on Google Search engine, so there are lots of sites and blogs that writes about the sentence sex video download ariel peterpan and Luna Maya and Cut Tari. News of the video sex and Ariel Peterpan Luna Maya, or Video Sex Ariel Peterpan and Cut Tari is very often reported by the media. So that it makes people curious and want to get the video sex and Ariel Peterpan Luna Maya, or video sex Ariel Peterpan and Cut Tari, by download on the internet.

Video sex case is indeed very disturbing for all Indonesian people, I hope the Government of the Republic of Indonesia could quickly block porn sites. I am concerned the existence of porn sites that can damage the morals of children. Government plans in the near future will immediately block porn sites, I could not agree on steps the government of the Republic of Indonesia. Therefore the public and especially children can not easily access pornographic sites. I hope no more incidents of sex videos and Ariel Peterpan Luna Maya or Video Sex Ariel Peterpan and Cut Tari.

As a result of the case and Videos Sex Ariel Peterpan Luna Maya or video sex Ariel Peterpan and Cut Tari, so this time they threatened a long prison sentence. I hope the police can immediately uncover and resolve this case, the guilty so that they may soon be punishable under applicable law.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Reportedly Involved Video Sex with Ariel Peterpan, Krisdayanti Shocked

After the beautiful and sexy actress Luna Maya, Cut Tari, Aura Kasih and Bunga Citra Lestari, now turn to a beautiful artist Krisdayanti mentioned and rumored to be involved in a porn video together Nazriel Irham or better known by the name of Ariel Peterpan. But until now, have not found sex videos ex-wife played by Anang Hermansyah it.

"KD when I love to know the information is in fact he wants to see, if you have a video that looked like him. So far, my confession to the news was not true," said Elsie Lontoh, friend and lawyer KD, On Saturday July 3, 2010.

According to Elsie's, by far the Krisdayanti / KD is not disturbed by the news of the gossip news. KD, Elsie said, feeling more disturbed by rumors that her marriage with Raul Lemos recently circulating in the general population.

Ariel Peterpan sex video with a beautiful actress is very scandalous world of entertainment business in Indonesia, even the news of this news has also spread to the entire world. I hope this does not make a bad image of Indonesia in the international world

Beautiful and sexy actress Luna Maya and Cut Tari Apologize

Two Indonesian actress, beautiful and sexy porn video allegedly involved the sexual scenes with the vocalist of Peterpan Nazriel Irham (Ariel), Luna Maya and Cut Tari finally make a press conference to deliver an apology to all the people of Indonesia. But there is no direct recognition of both that they are women who are on the sex video.

Both beautiful and sexy actress is the Luna Maya and Cut Tari make apology almost simultaneously. Luna apologized Metro TV television, on Thursday (07/08/2010) at 18:30 pm. While Cut Dance held a press conference in the office of his lawyer, Hotman Paris Hutapea, at around 18:00 pm.

Beautiful and sexy actress Luna Maya appear to give a statement to the stammer. But after that statement she had a smile. Luna apology more related questions on the news about her discomfort.

"I also want to apologize to my family who might EMH ... yes ... the point I truly apologize to all ... So ... emmm hopefully ...," said the actress so beautiful Luna Maya and sexy.

There is no admission or denial Luna that he is the star porn video.

While Cut Tari apologized for reporting that has led to unrest. The former presenter of 'Insert' that gives notice of her tears.

"Assalamualaikum, the Indonesian President, Chief of Police and the mother, father and mother Kabareskrim, Head of Public Relations and Director 1, religious leaders and community and the parents and the people of Indonesia, on behalf of my family personally and apologize profusely for the recent publicity This is causing unrest, "said Cut Tari who was accompanied by her husband, John Joseph, Subrata.

Same with Luna, no recognition of women's Cut Tari is located in the video nasty. Cut Tari lawyer, Hotman Paris Hutapea, even claimed his client was not involved in the video.

"Need I reiterate that apology is not about the circulation of the video and she (Dance Cut) did not know about the video," Hotman said.