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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sexy and Beautiful Actress Wulan Guritno Profile

Wulan Guritno started his career as presenter in the Italian League Highlight RCTI television station which was then transformed into Lega Calcio. A year later, when the World Cup in 2002 took place, he again believed to host the World Cup-Tainment at RCTI television station obtained the World Cup broadcasting rights in Indonesia.

This profession continues during Euro 2004 he became a presenter on the same television station. Wulan also been doing business in the Indonesian League event in 2007 in Formula 1 Lativi and Highlight Global TV.

In addition to presenters engaged the world, Wulan also be a sitcom actress and feature films. He also starred in the film Gie and Janji Joni. In Gie, he was playing with Nicholas Saputra. Gie (2005) directed by Riri Riza. The film tells the story of Soe Hok Gie, students at the University of Indonesia who is known as an activist and nature lover.

Adaptation of Diary of A Demonstrator by Gie, Wulan role as one of the co-Gie. In the Indonesian Film Festival in 2005 has won three awards, each in the categories of Best Film, Best Actor (Nicholas Saputra), and Best Cinematography Playground (Yudi Datau). Wulan also starred in several films such as Catch Jakarta, Janji Joni, Naga Bonar Two and Auto So Romantic.

Besides films, dozens of soap opera he ever fall in Love Forbidden starring among others, captivated, Love and Two Hearts together. Besides acting, Wulan also been a film director. From his hands, Wulan spawned his first indie film, titled Men Midwives.

Not only that, Wulan also penetrated the political world in 2009. Wulan forward as a candidate for legislative member of the National Mandate Party (PAN). Unfortunately, the mother of one daughter was blocked issue a diploma until the end Wulan chose not to follow the stock back and candidates.

Early Career

Wulan which is the Solo-English hybrid was born in London, April 14, 1980. Since a young age, he began to pursue a career through the world of models. Besides mengahabiskan childhood in Indonesia, at a young age, 13 years Wulan has worked with teenage romance Syach Attila. Wulan had time to sip the schools in the country of origin of one parent, London, in Taliaconti Academy of Theatre Art.

London home following their stay in touch and eventually married a young age. In his teens, this pair get one child, Syaloom Syach Razadee. Their marriage did not last very durable. Attila and Wulan decide to divorce.

Post-divorce with Attila, Wulan had a relationship with the national car racer Ananda Mikola, but their relationship eventually foundered in the middle of the road. Beginning in 2009, Wulan near a director, Lim Dimitri. He acknowledged, along with Lim has steadily stepped up to the gate of marriage. On the day Friday, March 27, 2009, officially removing Wulan widow status.

After his marriage to Lim, Wulan career was getting up, especially in the acting world. He proved successful release of two films after marriage, ie Pain and No Ordinary Love. In the same year, Wulan again present in one of the wide screen film titled King.

Porn Videos

In early marriage, this couple's life had hit problems. Section, a porn video circulated widely on the Internet similar to that he was making out with a man similar to the Ananda Mikola. Wulan and Lim held a press conference to refute the figure was in the video is Wulan. Likewise with Ananda Mikola who also denied the same.

Apart from that problem, Wulan re-focused on the role of art. In late October 2009, Wulan released her latest film whose theme nationalist, Houses Maida with the role of Bertha.

Not enough just to explore acting, Wulan also entered the world of writing. 13 November 2009, he issued his first novel, titled Feel. In the first book of its workmanship assisted her husband, Lim, Wulan also include songs that inspired the work of Anang Hermansyah make this book.

January 2010, precisely on December 28 Wulan back to playing in the latest film, '18 + true loves never dies'. In the film, released in the middle of pregnancy, its role is not easy, because he had to portray characters that should satisfy yourself because her husband did not give the mind and physical needs. Wulan admitted using Monster's Ball as a reference for the role of Retno in her latest film.