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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Indonesian Hot Actress: Sarah Azhari, Ayu Azhari and Rahma Azhari Are They Really Naked?

Artist Sarah Azhari (Born: Jakarta, June 16, 1977) was an actress and beautiful model from Indonesia. Her sister, Ayu Azhari, also is an actress.

AFTER some time to move to America to avoid the public rumors about her baby's father, Ray Albany, sexy soap star and a beautiful actress Sarah Azhari is now back in his native Indonesia. The girl who helped support the soap opera Love Tia Maria's, three of them currently living in his house, with her baby and a baby sitter.
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According to his confession to a reporter Disctarra.Com, he often felt lonely at home. If it is so often Sarah opened the Internet to chat with new acquaintances in Europe and also his friends in America. This custom continues to be attached until now and he is very kerajingan once.

"Usually when it's porn I did not serve," said the plump woman born in Jakarta, June 16, 1978 this. If you already chat he could spend about four hours without being interrupted by anyone, just understand that sex is there children who ngasuh.

Sarah himself had once told his friend, if the photographs that look exciting in a Musical, Sarah Azhari. Com.
"At first I got surprised too, but after that I knew it was not me. The photos were only the result of an invention," continued the artist who began his screen debut in the soap opera action through the Sword of Justice.

Sarah had tried to find out who is making its site on the internet. For that he is "mobilizing" friends in America to track down the place. Result, the site itself is located in the country, Uncle Sam. "I believe it was done by the Indonesian people themselves who are now living there," she said again, "The result, so the American people know there are artists whose name is Sarah Azhari. In fact, really dead, I did not know who the maker site it, let alone ask permission first as I am. "

Ayu Azhari Though this brother did not mind, if the person is working together with him. "Why not, if it's a win-win. But it's not, he just wanted to take advantage of my facial photographs have been published in magazines," as he explained with a laugh. (03)

Sarah Azhari and Family

Sarah Azhari SCARCE appearance in infotainment, apparently of willful misconduct. This was revealed when the super-sexy actress is found exclusively in Jakarta on the sidelines of the launch of new buildings milil Soraya Intercine Film in Jakarta. "Indeed I have rarely appeared in the soap opera more than anything else on the show, it was my purpose," he admitted, smiling.
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Looks like the recognition that out because some time ago Sarah continued into the spotlight because the case with a reporter Infotainment not yet complete. Even then, she wanted to talk but not about gossip. When asked gossip or her case, but asked about the Sarahpun avoid activities, she'd answer.

"But if diacara-show guest on television, I often attend and that I really wanted to. But then I had a lot of soap operas because I have just finished with Indro Warkop soap opera," he said, confessing to play in comedy because it fun and can laugh if you watch these soap operas.

Asked why not also play movies, Ayu Azhari sister was admitted to ditawarin movies. But because there was a question of time had not been received. "Because I'm still in school and soon I will finish college. That's why I have not received the movies, despite the offers. I've consistently used the same middle of the road," he explained.

Asked about the busy life, so artists, ngurus children and also was in college, Sarahpun wise answer. "Thank God just a matter of fine-fine until now, although I could for the time my son also had a busy first grade, there is also a tutor. And why I rarely play better soap opera because I often see children because children need guidance and need a good education from school and I as a mother, "he admits.

According to Sarah, her son did not like the environment much less glamorous life of celebrities. Once upon a time asked his son in surprise and will no longer follow-up events that are considered glamorous. "Because my children want guns like that, other than that my child is also the most hated it when I was in gosipin," lid while saying goodbye. [Moses / photo: special]

Artist Rahma Azhari and Anti-Pornography Bill

Rahma Azhari Ayu star looks sumringah when asked whether she feels sexy. "Sexy? Ordinary Ah tuh", he said.

Friday last week, when met in Menteng, Rahma really looks very sexy. Moleknya body clad in long dresses, sleeveless and low chest slit green pandan. Kimono dress that matched the models make up a simple but highlight the beauty of the eyes Rahma who like ping-pong ball.

Rahma's sepundak long hair cut style japanese's style and colored with three colors "gold, copper, and iridescent brown.

"Who says I'm sexy? My baseball feel that way. Yes, if somebody saw me and judge me sexy, he's right. I am still grateful just say sexy", he added.
Rahma feel comfortable when not wearing clothes (aka nude), although day-to-day she chose to wear casual clothes like T-shirts tanktop and jeans.

Do not be afraid comfort Rahma would interfere with law enforcement Anti-Pornography and Porno action (APP)? "I'm afraid baseball draft APP. Enggak want to know and really does care about baseball, what is it like baseball. Let someone else take care of it" he said.

Ayu Azhari artist's younger brother was told, he's the type of person who likes to appear nude. Problem hair now so the three colors, Rahma said, "I want to keep this baseball. Tomorrow, I will ask the color is equated only. Maybe, just light brown, to match my skin is not white," he said.