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Friday, July 16, 2010

Biography of Mulan Jameela

Biography of Mulan Jameela

Name: Mulan Jameela 
Day of Birth: Augustus, 23, 1979 in Garut West Java of Indonesia
Marital Status: Widow 
Zodiac: Virgo

Mulan Jameela, or formerly known as Mulan Kwok, is one of the popular singer in Indonesia today. Wulansari real name. She's got talent as a singer since childhood. She began his career as a solo artist, Mulan had issued his first solo album entitled Eternal (2000). But the album failed in the market.

Despite failing, Mulan remains vibrant career from stage to stage. She became a singer cafe in Bandung, and joined with a number of bands such as Swara Coustic, Dimensions All Star Band and Bandung.

Its popularity began to climb, and widely known during the selection process was chosen by Queen vocalist duo in early 2005. Mambo Pinkan Mulan replaced recently resigned.

Maia Ahmad in his debut duo album titled marked with Queen Queen & Friends. The album's best seller. Unique character of his voice, and capable of absorbing through a single "Teman Tapi Mesra". Queen duo return with great success. Mulan's name any more flying as a top Indonesian singer. Queen duo album sold more than 400,000 copies, and confirmed the Queen became the most successful female group at that time.

The following year, the duo re-released the album No Queen. One of the popular hits "Lelaki Buaya Darat" and Dear Diary. Like previous albums, this album also successfully sold through 500,000 copies in its first week since release.


The crisis hit duo Ratu. Ahmad Dhani, who was sacked manager Maia's status as the Queen's husband, Vitalia Ramona. Mulan also complained about the unfairness in the division honornya. Because of this reason that made her leave the duo decided that bringing up his name in 2007. As a consequence, She should remove the name of Mulan Kwok attached to him, which is the name of Maia.

Mulan then released a solo album titled Mulan premiere in 2008 at the same time changing his stage name. Take shelter under the new management of the Republic of Love Artist Management (RCMA) belonging to Ahmad Dhani, Mulan album out soon. Singles on the album like "Mahluk Tuhan Paling Seksi", Wonder Woman, Not Afraid and I'm In Love Again again fantastic sales record so rewarded platinum by EMI.

Action unique stage and dressed quickly stole the attention of the masses. Not only singing ability that gets attention, Mulan become fashion icons with a sexy Indian style, and create a growing fan base.

Since the release of first solo album, her name is more famous. Not just music lovers in Indonesia alone who knows the songs. Neighbor countries such as Malaysia, and Singapore are familiar with the vocal Mulan. Mulan is the only Indonesian soloists who was nominated at the MTV Asia Awards 2008 in Genting, Malaysia.

During joining the Management of the Republic of Love, also released the album Mulan collaboration. On the album The Best Of Love Artists Republic Vol. 1, Mulan collaborate with the vocal group brings singles Lani Not the Main Hospital, which was launched in August 2008. In 2009 then, Mulan returned paired with a new artist, Mitha The Virgin to claim single "Cinta Mati" II.

Entering 2010, Mulan was collecting material for his album to date. In between her showbiz activities, She confessed immediately presents a new album.

From the world of singing, this mother of two children, also jumped into the acting world. Film Television (FTV) prime in which She stars, Prima Donna Search for Paradise (2006), and She confessed to finding his own preoccupations. Continue its role in several soap operas and other such FTV Heboh Couple (2007) and The Bodyguard Singer (2007).

To stage the big screen, Mulan co-starred in a comedy titled I'm sorry I knocked your wife along Ringgo Agus Rahman and Shanty (2007). The film was criticized because it assessed could smell that makes SARA title was changed. The role of Mulan in the movie makes debut was entered as a nominated artist Actress / Actor breakthrough in the arena MTV Indonesia Movie Awards 2007.

Success as a singer, and acting, Mulan looking for new busy outside world artistry. She started going to explore the world of business. But because She never had much experience in business, Mulan took her boss at the RCMA, Ahmad Dhani. Both saw a business opportunity is still wide open interior. October 2009, Mulan furniture gallery opened in Kemang, South Jakarta numbers, called HER DESIGN.


Since becoming a celebrity, Mulan love of life are sought. Mulan known to marry at a young age and has two children, Tyarani Savitri and M Rafly Aziz. However, mahligai marriage foundered in the middle of the road. Mulan became a single parent with a career.

In the midst of chaotic household Maia-Dhani, Mulan ketiga.Apalagi Santer reportedly as people escape from the Queen, Mulan Dhani management into making them increasingly tight relationship closeness. Mulan said no firmly confessed, after being widowed she does have a girlfriend, but not from among the musicians. Relationship with his girlfriend, Mulan upon approval by two of his children. Although very busy Mulan hope he can return fostering new households this year.