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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tamara Bleszynski sexy scene on Air Terjun Pengantin Movie

Tamara Bleszynski nowadays is an actress on the newest Indonesian hot film (movie) "Air Terjun Pengantin". She just only wearing bikinis on that movie, wow she is so sexy. I found Tamara sexy photo as you can see it below...


Her ex husband Rafli said that he fells so sad seen his ex wife get acting on the movie like that. He thinking about his son and he is so worry about the attitude of Tamara on the movie.
Maybe Tamara Bleszynski is a sexy and beautiful women and as a widow she is still hot I think, but her act on the movie "Air Terjun Pengantin" was not exactly right, because she has a little kid and that was not a good education for her kids. No wonder if Rafli feel worry about the grow up of his son.
I think get sexy or might be play a few hot scene on the movie  or maybe get an act on sex movie, sex film, or maybe get nude is Tamara rights, but it could be better if her thinking about her son. By the way Tamara Bleszynski photo is so sexy right?