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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Download Mulan Jameela Sexy Photo

Nowadays I am gonna upload Mulan Jameela sexy photo in this blog. As we know that Mulan Jameela is a widow, even she is a widow but she is so sexy and beautiful. No wonder that a lot of man want to get married with her, even Dani Ahmad as a famous musician in Indonesia get gossip that he has marry her by "kawin siri".
I do not know about the truth, but never mind about that gossip I just want to say that I never get bored watch and see the show of Mulan Jameela on television.
About a few days ago, I saw her sing a song Love of My Life belongs and these are a few lyrics:
"Love of my life you hurt me...
you broken my heart and know you live me
Love of my life can you see
Bringing back bringing back don't take it away from me
because you don't know how it's mean to me..."
Besides that song, I ever saw her sing a song from Metallica Enter a Sandman:
Take your pray little one don't forget my son to include everyone
Sleep with one way open , gripping your pillow tight
Exit light enter night
Take my hand"
Some times I wonder how to download Mulan Jameela sexy song? or how to get Mulan Jameela sexy photo or maybe her sexy video, I do not know how it could be. She is so sexy and I think a lot of graphic design expert have a naughty ideas to make a nude photo about her, the face is Mulan Jameela but the naked body is belongs to others....
I often found on the internet that sexy photo or nude photo about artist was made by photoshop design by graphic design expert.
I don't want to waste a time about looks for "mulan jameela" sex videos or sexy photo or nude photo, I think it would be better to make "Diktat Kuliah Manajemen" or write about distance learning business and management.